• Samoa Dalgona

    If you want the taste of a girl scout cookie while enjoying your morning whipped coffee this is the drink for you! Find out how to make the Samoa Dalgona whipped coffee now!
  • Vanilla Whipped Coffee

    Why get a Starbucks Vanilla Latte when you can add an equally pleasurable vanilla flavor to our whipped coffee? Check out our vanilla whipped coffee recipe brought to you by Whipped Drinks!
  • Black Forest Whipped Mocha

    Who is ready to make a tasty, chocolate and cherry-infused whipped coffee? We know we are!
  • Dirty Chai Dalgona Latte

    Steeping your favorite chai tea latte has never been more enjoyable!
  • Spiced Whipped Coffee

    Want a little spice in your life? This recipe adds cinnamon and ginger to make a coffee with a kick. Exactly how much spice to add is up to your own tastes.
  • Boozy Whipped Coffee

    If you reach the later hours of the day and you are having difficulty choosing between happy hour or a caffeine hit, add a splash of booze to your milk. all work well.