Whipped Coffee 101: What It Is and How to Make It


Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or you’re a one cup per morning kind of coffee drinker, there’s one coffee trend that anybody and everybody can get behind. We’re talking about whipped coffee. In case you don’t know, whipped coffee is the satisfying result of whipping together equal parts instant coffee, sugar, and water until it creates a delicious, cloud-like foam, which is then poured over a glass of cold or hot milk. 

Yes, it does taste as good as it sounds. While whipped coffee is a pretty fancy cup of joe, the process of actually making it is way easier than you’re probably thinking right now, especially when you use the Whipped Drinks Whip Kit. Whipped Drinks provides all of the tools and directions you’ll need for the ultimate coffee concoction in less than 60 seconds. Here’s how it works: 

Image by Oana Cristina


What the Whip Kit Comes With

When it comes to finding the correct whipped coffee supplies, it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why Whipped Drinks does it all for you. The Whip Kit comes with a frothing stick appliance, a chic gold frothing mug, a recipe and instructions card, and a 10-pack of Whip Sticks, which combine 100% Colombian coffee with natural cane sugar, luxurious cocoa, and a dash of sea salt – yum! The best part is that Whip Sticks are dairy-free, gluten-free, and Kosher, so everyone can enjoy a cup of Whipped Drinks. 

How to Use the Whip Kit

So how can you do this all at home in under 60 seconds? All it takes is a few simple steps. For starters, you’ll simply empty one of the Whip Stick packets into the frothing mug. Then, add one tablespoon of hot water and tip the cup towards you. Use the frother to whip the mixture until it’s creamy and holds a foamy texture. For the big finale, pour the finished whipped coffee mix over ice and eight ounces of your go-to milk or dairy-free milk. And voila! It’s that easy. 

Image by Oana Cristina


Where to Get a Whip Kit

If you’re ready to get your whipped coffee on (trust us, you won’t regret it), you can get a Whip Kit at WhippedDrinks.com. Plus, you can sign up for a subscription with Whipped Drinks that automatically refills your Whip Sticks every two, three, four, or six weeks. So you’ll never have to worry about running out! 

Ready to order your own Whipped Drinks Whip Kit yet? If you love what you taste, make sure to post a photo and tag us on Instagram at @whippedrinks!