One Year of COVID-19: The Top Quarantine Trends of 2020

Can you believe it’s already been one full year since the start of lockdown in March 2020? Somehow this past year seems to have dragged on and flown by all at once. While we’re happy to be slowly making our way back to “normal” life, we thought we would honor the one year anniversary of lockdown by taking a look back at the biggest trends that got us all through the seemingly never-ending quarantine. 

From whipped coffee concoctions to DIY projects galore, we’re sharing the top five quarantine trends of 2020 below. 

Whipped Coffee

With more time at home in the mornings, people were able to better enjoy their daily cup of joe. Instead of a boring cup of black coffee to-go, caffeine drinkers across the world began making whipped coffee. The fun foodie trend immediately took TikTok and Instagram by storm, and it’s still going strong today. This, of course, is our favorite lockdown trend – it’s what inspired us to start Whipped Drinks in the first place! If you want to try whipped coffee for yourself (and trust us, you do), order the Whipped Drinks Whip Kit. It has everything you need to make an ultra satisfying cup of whipped coffee! 

DIY Tie-Dye Sweatsuits

2020 was the year of sweatpants and staying in our PJs all day long. So people got creative with their clothing by adding a colorful splash to their daily ensemble. Whether they reverse tie-dyed it with bleach or they gave their white and gray sweatsuits a rainbow boost, tie-dye was certainly the top fashion trend of the year.

TikTok Dances

TikTok provided us all with the entertainment we needed to make it through 2020 with a few laughs and some fun. From the iconic “Savage” dance to “Say So” by Doja Cat, doing intricate moves to hip-hop hits was how many people killed their extended time spent alone at home. This wasn’t only great for entertainment purposes, but it also got us all up and moving for a little bit of exercise when we needed it most.

Banana Bread

Were you even in quarantine if you didn’t make banana bread from scratch? Another foodie favorite of the 2020 lockdown was baking a batch of the warm and surgery goodness that is banana bread. Bonus points if you added chocolate chips! 

Netflix Favorites

Is it just us, or does the Tiger King portion of quarantine seem like a lifetime ago? Netflix and other streaming services gave us shows that helped connect us to other people watching around the country and the world online. From the controversial conspiracies about Carole Baskin to the guilty pleasure romance of Love Is Blind, these shows gave us all something to watch and talk about with our loved ones. 

While quarantine was a struggle for us all, we’re grateful to these trends that brought a little bit of fun and light into our homes during a time of such uncertainty. Which quarantine trends did you participate in? Show us by tagging us on Instagram @whippeddrinks