How to Spring Clean Your Health

Spring has officially sprung, which means it’s time to clean out the old and refresh with the new! However, your home isn’t the only thing you should be spring cleaning this season. Now is also a great time to cleanse your body and jumpstart your wellness routine. We know that making lifestyle changes is often easier said than done, but we are here to help! There are a few simple yet ultra effective ways to clear out your system and improve your health overtime. 

Ready to get fit for the spring and summer? Keep reading for five easy ways to spring clean your health.

Ditch the Sugary Drinks

Syrupy soda and over caffeinated energy drinks might be satisfying in the moment, but they can do long-term damage to your health. The overdose of sugar and processed materials is no way to start spring on the right foot! If you need a kick of energy and flavor, reach for a cup of natural coffee or tea instead. Why not pour up a cup of Whipped Drinks? A deliciously foamy cup of dalgona coffee delivers a sweet spin on your average cappuccino, so you can avoid the soda cravings later in the day. Also make sure to drink plenty of water! 

Eat More Fruits and Veggies

We all know that fruits and vegetables are good for us, but actually putting them on your plate is a different story. Skipping the drive thru line and cooking up some roasted veggies for dinner, however, will do wonders for your health. Fruits and veggies contain essential nutrients, such as vitamins and antioxidants, that can help you fight disease and some cancers, promote healthy skin, and boost your immune system. Try out some new recipes and you'll learn to love fruits and vegetables just as much (if not more) than other scratchy and heavily processed foods. 

Exercise Daily

Exercise, of course, is an essential component of spring cleaning your health and creating an optimal wellness routine. It’s more than just about looking good on the outside too. Getting regular exercise, at least 150 minutes per week, will promote better sleep, a healthy heart, and improved overall health. Since the weather is heating up for spring, you can make a fun activity out of your workouts by heading outside for a hike, bikeride, or a swim in the neighborhood pool. Find a form of movement that works for you and run with it (no pun intended). 

Put Your Mental Health First

Spring cleaning your health is certainly not limited to your physical body. Taking care of your mental health and setting aside time to rejuvenate your mind is essential for overall health, happiness, and wellbeing. So, yes, “Self-Care Sunday” should become a regular part of your weekly routine! When you’re feeling a bit rundown, take a day off, find a way to destress, and refresh your mind and body before getting back into your daily grind. Some mindful activities include meditation, spending time in nature, listening to calming music, or reading a new book.

Prioritize Sleep

Nothing will set you off track more than lack of sleep. Not getting enough sleep doesn’t only affect you the next day, either. If you continue unsteady sleeping patterns, it can severely affect your overall health and wellness down the line. So make sure to prioritize sleep this spring! Put your phone down at least an hour before bed and do a calming activity like reading or journaling instead. You’ll wake up feeling more refreshed and ready to tackle your day! 

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