5 Summer House Party Ideas for Every Occasion

Summer is in full swing! Now that things are finally opening back up across the country after a tough year in quarantine, the parties are back on and better than ever. And just in time for the thick of the season! That means backyard barbecues, boozy brunches, picnics in the park, beach bashes, and every kind of celebration in between. If you’re looking to host an epic summer soiree that your guests will talk about for the rest of the season, leave the party planning to us! 

Below, we’re sharing our top five favorite ideas for a memorable summer house party. 

Breakfast Potluck

Everyone loves a good summer night, but mornings can be just as good! Skip the late night rager and instead host a breakfast potluck with your closest friends. Have everyone pick a food or drink recipe ahead of time, then dig into all the morning fixings together. Of course, no morning is complete without coffee. Have fun with it by setting up a whipped coffee bar full of delicious ingredients like whipped cream, boozy Irish cream, and chocolate syrup. Give everyone their own Whipped Drinks Whip Stick to create their own unique caffeinated concoction! 

Water Olympic Games

The summer Olympic Games are underway, so celebrate by hosting your very own tournament. Split everyone into teams and play a variety of water games to see who comes out as the champion. What better way to cool off from the summer heat than by battling your friends in an epic mini-pool wrestling match? You can also play slip-and-slide flip cup, have a water balloon fight, and get creative by putting your own twist on classic sporting activities. 

Backyard Ice Cream Social

Is there anything you crave more in the summer than a cone full of freezing cold ice cream? Tell your friends to get their sweet tooth ready and have them over for a backyard ice cream social. Set up an ice cream sundae station, a flavor sampling bar, and of course keep all of the sprinkles and toppings ready! 

House Hopping & Wine Tasting

Grab your wine-loving friends and set up a day-long wine tour from the comfort of your own homes. Each household can be in charge of hosting a specific theme and wine type, such as rosé, sauvignon blanc, and red blends. It’s an easy yet fun and creative way to spend a Saturday afternoon. And don’t forget the cheese-filled charcuterie boards! 

Classic Campout

There’s no better time than summer to plan a group camping trip. But what if you did it right in your backyard? Skip out on the hours of driving and pitch a tent right outside your door. It’s the ultimate outdoorsy twist on a regular old house party. Bring supplies for s’mores, tell your most musical friend to bring their guitar for classic campout singalongs, and reminisce on the good times by sharing stories around the campfire. 

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