4 Tips for Staying Productive at Work

If the majority of your 2020 planner was left blank, you are not alone. All of our schedules were unexpectedly thrown out of whack for way too long, which can make it extremely difficult to get back on track. Now in the thick of 2021, many of us are heading back into the office and throwing ourselves back into our busy everyday lives. While we’re excited for the re-opening of the world, it can be difficult to get out of the “WFH” routine and stay on track of our tasks in the workplace. 

Luckily, there are some small yet impactful ways to organize your life and increase your productivity with ease. Below, we’re sharing four simple but useful tips for staying productive at work. 

Create a Mindful Morning Routine
How you start each morning has the power to affect the rest of your day. If you roll out of bed last minute before work, you likely aren’t going to show up as your best self. Instead, set your alarm 30 minutes earlier (you can do it, we promise) and use that time to do things that get you calm but excited and ready for the day ahead. For instance, you can wake up and journal, read a good book, do a workout, or sit and enjoy a slow morning cup of Whipped Drinks whipped coffee. This is a surefire way to get energized and start your day on the right foot! 

Make a To-Do List
If you’re someone who struggles with organization and fancy, hour-by-hour planners just never really work for you, having a daily to-do list of tasks might do the trick. A simple to-do list is a visual way to stay on top of necessary tasks at work and keep productivity going strong throughout the week. List your tasks by importance and deadlines, then bask in the satisfying feeling of checking each task off one by one. Whether you write your to-do list on a post-it note above your desk or you use a mobile app, a daily checklist has the power to make a big difference in your productivity. 

Set Doable Weekly Goals

At the beginning of each week, make a short list of three to five goals that you want to accomplish by the end of the week – these are less specific tasks, but rather general goals like “work out five days this week” or “call three potential clients per day.” This helps keep you focused on being intentional with every part of your day and can improve time management skills, as you need to get all of the tasks done in order to make time for both personal and professional goals throughout the week.

Take Time to Rest
While constantly working and getting things done might feel like the best use of your time, it’s also important to remember that rest is a necessary part of the productivity process. Working yourself too hard will only lead to burn out and exhaustion, so allocate time for winding down and self-care at the end of the day or even once per week. A little self-care can go a long way! 

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