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Granada, la regina andalusa

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TRIAD4D SITUS TRIAD4D TIMORPOOLS AGEN TRIAD4D Level Two of Sacred Marriage is the building of the blue “Crystal Lotus Heart”

This Krystal Star template of which was previously referred to as “Spiritual Marriage in No Time” has returned to the Earth logos in 2012 through the alchemical restoration of the Hieros Gamos. Connected through the Unity Logos, a Guardian project to rebirth the Planetary Logos. Hieros Gamos or “Hierogamy” is the Sacred Marriage of a Human Being with Divinity (the Inner Spirit) and the Unification between all life expressions and its levels of opposite. From the Guardian perspective, Spiritual Ascension comprises the Science of the Spirit, encompassing the entire creational mechanics of how spirit and matter travel throughout time and space. At certain levels of frequency conjunction within the spiral of time, access is possible to new DNA templates and therefore embodiments. The planet has reached that axis in time.

The Hieros Gamos is the Wedded Garment of God, wearing the White Robes of the One. Hieros Gamos refers to the Risen Christos-Sophia, as the embodiment of the inner hiero-gamic union between the human being and the divine. Hieros Gamos is the full resurrection of the body to the eternal light of Christos, Cosmic Christ Consciousness. In the bodies return to energetic balance, neutral in the Unity Field or Zero Point), the lightbody being is One with God, and the Christos body is glorified in its perfection as representative of God’s eternal light image.

Level Three of Sacred Marriage is “Hieros Gamos”, the hydroplasmic liquid light of the Risen and Embodied Christos-Sophianic Principle. Level Three Triad: Hieros Gamos Union or the Risen Christos-Sophia.

Level Three of Sacred Marriage is “Hieros Gamos”, the hydroplasmic liquid light of the Risen and Embodied Christos Principle.



On top of all of the exciting developments of God’s Consciousness Technology returning back to our planet through our Mother Arc herself, we are getting ready to understand the Unity architecture in its Trinity Wave pattern and its direct relationship to manifesting true spiritual marriage on the planet. As Mother brings back the Krystal Star Frequencies, the Seven Sacred Suns, it is bringing the template of Sacred Spiritual Union between the Rod and Staff functions of our Lightbody’s Merkabic Field. [3]

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Page 164, HGS Manual

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LISA RENEE: “Delineated Sections in BifurcatedEarth”

“The term hieros gamos is used generally to refer to the sacred marriage between two divinities, or between a human being and Mother/Father God, or between two human beings (under certain special conditions); the ultimate alchemy of forces which harmonize polar opposites.”


Aceitunas verdes, aceitunas negras ¿Porque son diferentes? Men and women of this earth, you are both genders and influenced by these forces and archetypes through the Law of Gender. By seeking inner balance through the perfect union made between the masculine and feminine forces, the consciousness is made into the image of God through the hierogamic union of the inner Christos-Sophia. This is represented in the spiritual alchemy of unified polarities, the hierogamic union of a god and goddess, a perfected being. The perfect balance and union between masculine and feminine principles, united as One is our true destiny. [6]

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These are briefly described as a guideline for the following spiritual stages of development in the Ascension process of building the Lightbody:

LISA RENEE: “Hieros Gamos” Stage 3 – Twin Soul (6D, Sirian and Indigo Blue Ray Influence, Jesus/Magdalene influence, Other planet or future memories, Soul Extension shared identity, Geometric shapes or Crystal modalities, all of the Alchemical Union influencers, when Level One Triad is integrated the whole triad 4D-5D-6D merges to evolve to Rod and Staff Union) Level Two Triad: Sacred Union or Rod and Staff Union.


TRIAD4D Triad4D TRIAD GROUP menu138info Joined September 2022 RASAKAN JP SETIAP HARINYA HANYA BERSAMA TRIAD4D httpslinklistbioTRIAD4Dnbsp

Stage 3 – Monadic Twin (9D, Andromedan Influence, Aquarion influence, Genetic Equal, Rod and Staff, Galactic Stargates, all of the previous influencers, when Level Two Triad is integrated the whole triad 7D-8D-9D merges to evolve to Hieros Gamos).

Celebre Aesthetics, the Place for Everyone


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Aceitunas Verdes  Aceitunas Negras  Porque Son Diferentes  - Triad4d

LISA RENEE on “Our Important Date that Begins a New Phase is September 28th — for Approximately Thirty Days”

Level Two Triad: Crystal Lotus Heart


Spiritual Marriage in No Time

Hieros Gamos is the sacrament that represents sacred marriage at the individual level, to the relationship level, to the group level as a part of spiritual ascension, moving through the spiraling staircase of time to experience unification with (or marry) all aspects of God. When we marry God through this sacrament, Christos-Sophia returns. [2]


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Each of the 3-6-9-12 positions connect to a trinity in one built for the Conscious Identity, Soul Triad, Oversoul Triad and the Personal Christ respectively. Also, the lightbody is no longer connected to the earth core in the same way, and hovers upon the base shield built underneath the feet. The base shield connects into the feedback loop of the 360 degrees of the zero point field or Godhead that runs from within the internal diamond pillar. This current runs from the top of the crown to under the feet, returning back to the zero point feedback loop made through the 12th Sphere Personal Christ consciousness. The 12:12 Electrical Christ Male pattern runs the zero point into a feedback loop between the top position of the 12th Sphere from the Paliadorian Cell, down through the central vertical channel into the base shield under the feet.



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Analisi Della Proprietà Capitalista This changes the nature of all gender based relationships to be brought into energetic reconciliation. All of these spiritual marriage stages of development may be held by an “extension”, “twin” or genetic equal incarnated or existing in another dimension. More humans will attract relationships from these future timelines (noted as stages) that are designed as levels of spiritual marriage to support the integration of gender polarities and end past timeline karmic patterns. With spiritual relationship awareness at certain stages, couples can travel through the spiritual marriage developments together consciously. Each gender may have a timeline (stage) that is the complement required for their gender opposite partner’s polarity integration. [4]

Stranger Things” 4. sezon w 2022 r. Mamy nowy zwiastun! Through the perfect union of the Universal Mother and Universal Father, as an example of the Gender Principle with Adam and Eve in the waters of sex with chastity, the pillar of the hermai is perfected and made into the image of God through the hierogamic union of the inner Christos-Sophia. This is represented in perfected Alchemy of unified polarities, as the Magnum Opus of cosmic consciousness. In this term hermaphrodite, we see Mercury (Hermes) uniting with the goddess of love. Her name is Venus or Aphrodite. When Hermes and Aphrodite unite they form Hermaphrodite, the perfect balance of unified male and female principle or the Aeonic Pair, Christos-Sophia. A hermaphrodite really, truly has nothing to do with what people currently think that it is. The mystical understanding of a hermaphrodite, is the etymology of the word comes from the union between Mercury and Venus (hermes-aphrodite), and is the hierogamic union of a god and goddess, a perfected being, the perfect balance and union between masculine and feminine, united as one.


Stage 1 – Karmic Monad (7D, Arcturian influence, Inner Christ Crucifixion Memories, Monadic extension, Ascended Masters, ET histories, Monad Dark Arts Training, Cathars, Human Family of Origin genetic clearing, Planet Gridwork and Stargates, Planetary Miasma).

Este martes abre el aparcamiento anexo al velatorio municipal Stages of Spiritual Development in Three Levels


Three Levels of Sacred Marriage

Pick Your Own Cherry Season Is Coming To An End……. Stage 3 – Cosmic Egg – Christos Embodied (12D, Monad Twin or Genetic Equal synthesizes the Solar and Lunar Light which when integrated Embodies the Cosmic Christos Avatar of Liquid Aurora Light. Together the androgynous pair share One merged Double Diamond Sun Body and One HG Crown. [5]


KIM GOGUEN & SUNNY GAULT: “September 18/22/27 2023 World SituationReports”

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In this activation for higher embodiment, the resonance points for the main energy centers in the physical body have shifted higher, slightly changing their position and adding more lightbody architecture to the skull, head and crown. With the diamond sun body activation for the eternal light body in 5D, all separated electromagnetic fields in the lightbody release their polarization membranes and electromagnetic barriers, merging the male-female counter rotation spirals into a large orb of light surrounding the body. There are three main orb bodies nested within each other that are built on a trinity of triangles that align in the central vertical channel as the new position for the 3rd Sphere, 6th Sphere, 9th Sphere, and then the Personal Christ at the 12th Sphere. These main energy spheres are located on the central column and are merged into a tri-wave neutral charge, or non-polarized energy centers.

Stage 2 – Buddhic Egg (11D, Monad Twin or Genetic Equals integrate Lunar Reflected Light).


 - Triad4d


LISA RENEE: ‘September 28 Bifurcation Event’ Begins ~ “Your Consciousness Must Be Stronger than What the Negative Alien Controllers are Sending Out in Fear Programs”

Level Two of Sacred Marriage is the building of the blue “Crystal Lotus Heart”.

KIM GOGUEN & SUNNY GAULT: “September 18/22/27 2023 World Situation Reports”


TIMELINE ‘TWILIGHT ZONE’ . . . “We’re Entering a Very Strange Time… High Weirdness… Potential Anomalies… and Surprises from TheVoid”

Stage 1 – Alchemical Union (2D-4D Astral Relationship, Ancestral miasma, Sexual amplification, Karmic issues, Past timeline memories, Phantom matrices, False Ascension Matrix, Black Magician trauma or Astral Dark Arts Training, Negative Forms or Clones, Egyptian Trauma, Lemurian Trauma, Inner Child trauma, Telepathic, Victim/Victimizer for healing, High Risk dark manipulation and Trickster, acts as the Catalyzer for Spiritual Ascension and Awakening).


Perfect Balance = Hierogamic Union

Allens Advises On The Project Financing Of Palau Solar And Battery Project PEGGY HALL: “SAVING THE CHILDREN in CALIFORNIA w/ ATTORNEY NICOLEPEARSON”


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Granada, la regina andalusa Bandar togel slot casino online terpercaya Triad4d Link Alternatif Daftar amp Login Triad4d Lapak Pusat Slot Online Togel Sidney Singapore Hongkongnbsp

LISA RENEE: "Harmonizing Attentions" — Clearing Distortions, ArchAngels, False Ascended Masters and Negative Programming


Level Three Triad: Hieros Gamos

Stage 2 – Reversal Monad (8D, Orion and Lyran influence, Nephilim and Atlantean Overlays, Lord Michael Overlays, Patriarchal-King Reversal or Matriarchal-Queen Reversal healing, Reverse Electrons (Metatronic Reversal), Genetic Hybrid healing, Etheric Surgery, NRG architecture dismantling, Black Heart re-encryption, Orion wars, Solar Cross, Alien Implants, Galactic Miasma, all of the previous influencers).


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In Ascension context, the synthesizing of the pairs of energetic opposite into unity is also referred to as polarity integration, energetic synthesis or spiritual marriage. This also has the exact same meaning when applied togender unification which is the energetic balance between the masculine principle and feminine principle. To biologically evolve spiritually the energetic balance between the masculine and feminine energies within the self must be unified. The apex of that perfect unification is Hieros Gamos. The planet has reached that axis in time where the gender principle of creation in this world will be tested for energetic integrity on every level it exists. Essentially this is a planetary body merkaba shift between the counter rotating spirals of the masculine and feminine energies. What this means is that everything having to do with masculine and feminine principles of energy on this planet are undergoing some kind of transformation at the blueprint level which adjust Gender Principle. [1]


Gender Principle in Creation

Stage 1 – Solar Egg (10D, Monad Twin or Genetic Equals integrate Solar Illuminated Light).


NBA entra na 75ª temporada com vacinação contra COVID 19 em evidência LISA RENEE: “Be Very Careful When Interacting in Any 3D Structure as It Is BeingWeaponized”

TRIAD4D LINK LOGIN ALTERNATIF TRIAD4D LINK DAFTAR LISA RENEE: ‘September 28 Bifurcation Event’ Begins ~ “Your Consciousness Must Be Stronger than What the Negative Alien Controllers are Sending Out in FearPrograms”


 - Triad4d

The Spiritual Marriage mathematical pattern of 13:13 Female Spin and 12:12 Male Spin



There are distinct Stages of Spiritual Body development in relationship to the energetic merging of these polarity of forces that directly impact gender centers. The integration of these forces is that which result in the integration between the masculine and feminine counterparts existing within each triad. Currently the blueprint restoration of the trinity architecture that is necessary to unite spiritual marriage at all three evolving levels is being supported in the planetary logos.

LISA RENEE: “Fallen Angelic Schism Trauma”


LISA RENEE: “Male and Female Principles ofCreation”

Ulu Choh DIrt Park Photo by Ascension Avatar (July 23, 2019)


LISA RENEE on “Healing our Inner Gender Separation”

Resgatado para resgatar: o dia que um pastor foi a um red light district Krystallah Eternal Light Body


Spiritual Marriage Mathematical Pattern

Xe Tải Fuso 7 tấn Tại Hải Phòng KIM GOGUEN & SUNNY GAULT: September 1, 2023 News Update — “We Are Going To Clean Up Washington, D.C.”


 - Triad4d

On either side of the capstone of the Personal Christ, is the Cosmic Mother Aquamarine Ray on the left and the Cosmic Father Emerald Ray on the right, uniting a trinity of triangles that surrounds the body with a shower of oceanic waves of aquamarine and emerald rays. Many loving waves of celebration for our Krystallah families for achieving their new embodiment configuration during the Paliadorian activation for the diamond sun body in the second harmonic universe. This lightbody configuration is ongoing. It allows more of the human earth family to reclaim their Personal Christ, to build their eternal diamond sun orb body and to continue to have this choice available to them in the future. [7]

In Hieros Gamos Couplings, the genetic equal of the Monad unites with its counterpart to embody the sacred marriage of Krystic equals, to merge into One spiritual body to hold the Spirits of Christ. A Krystic male and a Krystic Female unite in a Hieros Gamos or Rod and Staff Union as the Christos-Sophia, to be of service within God’s Eternal Light divine plan to correct the Sophianic Body and to restore liberation of Ascension upon the earth. Hieros Gamos is the embodiment of the new Cosmic Ray Frequencies of Mother Arc Aquamarine and Father Arc Emerald Green hues and their DNA Lens being introduced to this Universe. These frequency colors represent the Aurora Body Guardian consciousness of the United Krystic Forms embodied in the future sovereignty timeline of GSF. (Inter-dimensional Resonator, plus Base Tone, Overtone and Resonant Tone Amplifier).


Ways to Protect Your Eyes in the Winter LISA RENEE: “Be Very Careful When Interacting in Any 3D Structure as It Is Being Weaponized”

Triad Slot Triad4d Podcast en iVoox Level One of Sacred Marriage is “Building Wings”.

Celebre Aesthetics, the Place for Everyone LISA RENEE (Time Shift Blog): "Emerald Order Reclaiming Human History"

Term found: Page 30/65, HGS Manual

Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia: Spectrum of Abdominal Manifestations TRIAD4D adalah situs togel dan slot online yang aman dan terpercaya yang dapat diakses melalui link login dan daftar alternatif TRIAD4D

hpe09032009 by High Point Enterprise LISA RENEE on “Our Important Date that Begins a New Phase is September 28th — for Approximately ThirtyDays”


triad4d Milkshake Website Builder The New Relationship Paradigm

Level One Triad: Building Wings


 - Triad4d

Level One Triad: Triad4d Building Wings

triad4d Links to Instagram Linkr Stage 2 – Soul Mate (5D, Future Earth lines, Pleiadian influence, 5D Ascension memories, Mayan Calendar influence, Shamanic studies, False Umbilicus reset, Soul Extension shared identity, Resolving Ego Archetypes in identity, Study of Archetypes and patterns (Tarot, Numerology, Astrology) and all of the Alchemical Union influencers).

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